Myriad Eyes

by Paskura



Myriad Eyes were released on Handshake Records and are available for download at:


released October 13, 2015

Alexey Mikhalev — bass, vocals
Andrey Komov — guitar, vocals
Jury Batsura — guitar, vocals
Max Hairetdinov — drums

Alexander Tchikine — vocals (Jamais)
Leo Perez — vocals (The Field, Feed Earth, Mt.)

Recorded, mixed and produced by Leo Perez at DTH studios in Moscow

All songs written and performed by Paskura, (c) 2015



all rights reserved


Paskura Russian Federation

Paskura is a four-man progressive/post-rock/post-metal band from Moscow, Russia

Tony Chu

#progressive, #prog, #postrock, #postmetal, #moscow
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Track Name: Everlasting
Embrace the void
The everlasting silence
You’re just a shade
A glimpse of nothingness

Of all your fears
This one still keeps you awake
It eats your soul
And slowly drives you insane

The everlasting silence
The everlasting nothingness

Embrace the void
The everlasting darkness
You’re just a glitch
That hardly breaks the silence

Of all your fears
This one just won't go away
It eats you whole
And slowly drives you insane
Track Name: Feed Earth
When you carve a cross from the stone
One to praise the names of children who'd gone
Stay calm, sit still
Your hands will warm up after building hills

Oh, by their fair law
You were left to live
All 'them feed earth
And you were left to breathe

Young sunrise makes you feel sad
One more day, more silent faces to collect
Stay calm, stay here
They're all together now
So give them one last cheer
Track Name: Cave Song
At the age of 21
You learned how to dance
And how to hold your knife
And how to choose your closest friends

At the age of 26
You learned that life is short
And went to live in a cave
Where you'd made your very first shot

At the age of 34
You learned the price of lie
Embraced your only fate
And now you don’t see summer sky

At the age of 69
You die!

Face your fears
Face your lies
The cave you chose to hide
Will be your place to die

Oh, stranger
Stay away
Don’t you dare disturb
The silence of this cave
Track Name: Jamais
Voilà la couche des sens et des idées.
Jardin de pierre faite par une ombre méchante.
"Assez", "encore", héros, "toujours" et "jamais".
Sont les paroles dans une commande à distance.

Et quand tes forces te laissent, ta resistance,
Machine aveugle, tu peux faire quel ravage?
Les decisions d'autrui, tu n'a pas de chance.
Cerveaux paralysé par les images.

Excitation, réponse ont ils de sens?
La trahison dans notres corps prédestinée.
Les decisions d'autrui, tu n'a pas de chance.
"Assez encore", héros, "toujours jamais".

Scared to see me move?
I now stand where the old roots grow
Echo my words as I fight your reflection
Your head goes off and you don't even know
That I'm not petrified
I still breathe in this garden of stone
When you chose what I came here for
I heard adders hiss and your sisters moan
Track Name: Naked Trees
Stay with me under the trees
I will cover you with fallen leaves
We will stare into the skies
Slowly decomposing

Ravenous and desperate
They're trying to capture us
Run with me, follow me
To the naked trees

Savages on the run
They're trying to hunt us down
Hide with me, follow me
To the naked trees

And the rain will fall
On the naked trees
We will grow into their roots
And the roots will freeze

And the snow will shawl
Oh, the frozen trees
They will feed on our souls
And then grow new leaves
Track Name: Catatonic Scale
Dead birds on the streets
Am I dying too?
Breaking the oath
That I swore long ago

Confused and indiscreet
Don't you feel it too?
Fighting our foes
That've spoiled our souls

I am the one
I'm your only son
Your only mistake
You're nearly saint

Damage is done
The forest is burnt to the ground
You're the one to forgive
The one to forget
Track Name: Mt.
В каждой руке по ключу
В каждом чехле по мечу
К тебе лечу

В каждом стволе по дуплу
В каждом дупле по свече
Путь начертив на полу,
Лечу на свет

В каждом окне есть гора
А у горы есть предел
Каждая битва без ран
Я не так хотел

В каждой стране дышит смерть
В каждой войне есть ответ
Больше нет смысла терпеть
Лечу на свет